Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Card Collage

One year, my mom gave me a big bag full of old Christmas cards. I saved a few dozen and stuck them in the bag each year as well.


I've had them in my classroom at school, just waiting to use them. But I could never come up with an idea that was worthwhile enough to pull them out for.

I brought them home yesterday, and we started brainstorming.


I told Anna Jane that she could cut out the pictures on the cards and we could punch holes in them and use them as ornaments on the tree. She cut out one, and it was big and cardboard-y and not really right to hang on a tree.

So, we decided to cut out lots of pictures from lots of cards and make a Christmas scene. She informed me that it was called a "collage," and as she is looking over my shoulder while I'm writing this, she told me that instead of calling it a Christmas scene, I should call it a collage. What an editor.

The first collage we made was a drawing of a house and yard, with cut out card embellishments.

First she drew her house.


She cut out parts of the cards that she liked and glued them on in just the right places.



The next collage we made was my favorite. We made a winter scene collage with just trees and stars and snow. For this one, we worked together. I cut out every tree and star and snowflake I could find, and she arranged them on the paper (we used posterboard).


It took the hard work out of it for her and left her the energy to be creative.


I can't wait to collect cards this year. I have a purpose for my collection!

This doesn't have to be a kid's project...I imagine creative adults could make some really stunning scenes. Think of adding some sheet music or tissue paper as background. The possibilities are endless, and mixed media can be really fun art.



  1. these are awesome! You are such a great mom!

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