Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Favorite Things Episode

For Christmas last year, I gave Dave the first four seasons of How I Met Your Mother on DVD. We watched all of the episodes during Christmas break. If you've never watched episodes of a television show back to back, I highly recommend it. It's the way we watch Dexter also.

This week's episode showed Neil Patrick Harris's character receiving a massive holiday bonus, and deciding to buy his friends all of his favorite things, a la Oprah's Favorite Things Episode.

What fun it would be to give your friends and family everything you love? So I anticipated a snow day today and stayed up late to collect some photos of some gifts I would love to give. I tried to find a variety of prices, and gifts other than fabric, which was hard.

Seems that Oprah always starts the epidsode out with a big ticket item, so here we go!

This camera has been on my list for a few years.

And really, a camera can't take photographs without a lens.

This is, hands down, the best jacket for little kids. It is warm and cozy and soft, and even more importantly, easy to put on. It's a Widgeon and you can find it here.

I love this Serena and Lily fabric for a living room chair. And at $50 a yard from here, good thing I'm just giving it away, because who in the world can afford it?

Here is a little pedestal from the same source, at a bit of a lower price point. And who wants a cake stand without a cake to put on it?

This is a Martha Stewart recipe, so I'll just make the cakes to include with the pedestal.

And I just love Reece's Pieces.

I have my Nalgene water bottle with me all of the time. Mine is blue and it used to say University of Virginia on the side. It's so worn out, you can barely read it anymore. source

I really hate to clean. Really. But these things clean everything. They are the best.

I love anything with a monogram on it. These cutting boards come in lots of patterns and colors. This is such a great gift. This website has lots of other options as well.

I saw this bowl on an etsy treasury one day and fell. in. love. I think she only makes these lace bowls as special orders, but since we are living in a Christmas Wonderland during this post, I'll just special order them for all of you!

I bought three of these frames at our Junior League Holiday market this year. My friends Allison and Sarah personalize them for you as you wait. My frames are silver with white mats. They are so unique and very classy.

I read this book last year. I loved it. There's not much else to say. I loved it.

If you have any connection to Winston-Salem, then a Christmas without Moravian cookies is not really Christmas.

I love Lilly. This cashmere wrap is almost $300. It will never hang in my closet or on my shoulders. But I will use my imaginary holiday bonus to buy one for each of you!

My friend Lindsey always has these candles at her house. They are the best smelling candles ever. A very light and fresh scent.

I could have gone on like this for pages and pages. Looking for things to buy for others was a lot more fun than looking for things to buy for myself. Keeps the greed away.

I really appreciate manpower as a gift. My mom and dad scrubbed my front door this week. Mom is coming back tomorrow to clean my bathrooms. Dave put up new blinds in the playroom, and my Christmas wish is for him to help me start on my basement studio. These things are so valuable to me. It makes everyday life better, and the benefits last far beyond Christmas.

Please enjoy all of these gifts I have picked out for you. Another gift heirloom ornament tutorial!

Yay for snow days!


  1. I love all of those things. I have that candle, it does smell heavenly!!! Great minds must think alike because I have a favorite things post on my bloggy to do list as well!

  2. Thank you so much for my gifts! you have excellent taste. Wouldn't it be dreamy to be able to dole this stuff out! What fun!!

  3. Ayn Rand?
    I highly
    DO NOT
    suggest Atlas Shrugged!

    I'll take a peek at FH since you mentioned it.

  4. I could not get any of the links to work-said "not found" or error. Would love to check out several of the "gifts."