Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yay For Me! And Yay For You!

I just received this!


A big bolt of white cotton duck for slipcovering my living room furniture!

Sadly, the slipcovers will not be ready in time for my Christmas party. I know my family won't mind. I know my family won't even notice. But I will have to bite my tongue to keep from making excuses for my sad looking furniture. But hey, it looked just as sad last year and no one complained!

And the winner of the ruffle tree is Jennifer P!

Here is her comment:

Anonymous said...
Found your blog through etsy. These trees are so cute! I would love to have one to put in my newborn's nursery for her first Christmas!

jennifer p.

Yay for Jennifer! Please email me your contact info and I will ship a ruffle tree to you and your sweet baby!

Thanks for playing, I will have some info to you all about the coffee filter wreath soon...but right now I'm up to my jingle-bell-ringing ears in banner orders. LOVE IT!!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats to Jennifer! Let us know when those trees are for sale! :)