Friday, January 28, 2011

Blogging or Sewing or Etsying or Mommying or Wifeing (But Definitely Not Cleaning)

All of these are keeping me very busy. But it seems I can only do one at a time. Luckily I love them all. Unluckily I have very few hours in the day to do them all (something about those 8 hour workdays).

So, yes...I have neglected my blog. But it's mostly because I am head-over-heels in love with my etsy success. And really, it's teeny tiny success, but I love it!

I definitely need some major photography improvement in my product photos. I was fortunate enough to sell some things to a professional photographer, and she offered to send me a few shots of my products "in action."

It is super difficult to take photographs of my banners...I'm pretty sure I need to purchase a wide angle lens. Though I should probably purchase a camera to attach it to first.

What can I say?, that doesn't come close to covering it. I only wish all babies liked to cuddle up in galvanized buckets. Those things would sell themselves! This photo is definitely responsible for some etsy sales...even a boutique in Ohio bought 10 to sell.

I love making bucket liners for Easter, and I love making banners for nurseries and baby showers, and everyone's favorite....the birthday party! Check out my facebook page for some fan photos!

I decided to work pretty hard on the appearance of my "shop," and the first edition of this year's Etsy Success Newsletter was entitled "Shop Makeover: Week One." I subscribe to this newsletter, which I get through email. The first article was about building your brand...perfect. I clicked on that link and read that article. I scrolled down to the next article which was entitled "Banner and Avatar Tips." Those are key elements of your shop....they represent you and your products on all areas of the etsy site. When I scrolled down to click on the link to this article, I found this:

image by classic campbell

Honestly, I was frozen at the kitchen counter. And then, I think I screamed. And then I immediately emailed my new best friend Danielle, the author of the post and etsy employee who used my photograph to accompany her etsy success newsletter article. Granted, the caption didn't say "best photo in the world," or "best etsy product ever," or "go buy things from this shop," but what an exciting email. And thank goodness I subscribe to the Etsy Success newsletter, or I never would have known!

I'm working up the nerve to hire someone to create a logo. I have been really inspired by Jessica Hische's daily drop cap project. She has illustrated each letter of the alphabet 12 times. I am in love with so many of them...

randing is very important

ew look for my logo

You will soon see a fancy logo!

I hope!

We'll see...

Jessica created these letters for anyone to use on their blog...but not for logos or branding. *can* have them tattooed onto your body, which she explains in further detail on the site. So breathe easy :)

Go look around her site's beautiful! I would love to find someone to create a "C" for me and my logo. It's an intimidating step.

I try to keep all advertising off of my blog...I know that's not why most of you are here. But since the shop is a part of my life, and at this point, interfering with my bloggy self, I thought I would update you. If you do want to see more products and shop news, visit the facebook page!

I will be back soon to share a few more things...there is lots to tell (other than bucket liners and banners), and I promise to tell you sooner than later!


  1. Katherine, regarding the logo... My brother recently ran a logo contest on (, and he was really impressed with the results. You don't have to pay for a full contest; you can also browse their selection of ready-made logos and then have one you like customized for you.

  2. I just love your blog, fb page and etsy shop! great job! I'm trying to get more into photography...maybe I could play around with somethings sometime. :)