Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just Arrived!

I got lots of these little lovelies in the mail yesterday...


There are lots more, these are the only ones that would fit on the platter for their photo shoot.


Right now, the only plan is to get them into some soil (porous, no fertilizer...cactus soil is good), but I have some high expectations for them in the upcoming months.


Until recently I was only familiar with the hens-and-chicks variety of succulents, but I've seen lots of arrangements lately that are just breathtaking.


And once I realized there were so many different variations, I decided I just *had* to have some. Then one day this shop popped up on my etsy home page...Succulents Galore. It was a listing for 24 succulents. It was fate, so I bought them up!

My original purpose for these plants is a living wreath. If you buy some now too, maybe we can all make one together!

I'm constantly amazed at the things I find on etsy and how much I love them! And how much people love providing them for their customers.


It's a great way to support artists. And the perfect place to window shop in your pajamas!

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