Monday, February 21, 2011

We Made it to 5!


I often have a difficult time coaxing the kids out of bed in the morning. I expected today to be easy, since I could wake Wilson up with the news of his highly anticipated birthday. He was sound asleep on his back when I entered the room. Before I could reach him, he sat straight up and said with disbelief, "Am I five?"

He would not take my word for it...he insisted on seeing himself in a "big" mirror, one that showed his "whole body." After checking himself from head to toe he got a big grin on his face. The maturity that comes with being 5 had finally sunk in.



  1. How is he 5 already? Whoa!

    So, I have a project for you - to create a maternity support belt that is CUTE!!! Think that could be done? I'll pay you! :)

  2. haha the classiccampbell maternity support belt was my idea so shouldn't i get a finders fee? hehe jk....happy birthday, wilson!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Wilson. You are adorable at any age!
    And I KNOW you liked your present!!!

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