Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What a Long, Strange Day It's Been

There was a series of unusual events today that must be acknowledged.

We started today, March 29th (3 days before April) (a week into spring) (the first day of spring break), with snow. Every morning before I get out of bed, I check the weather on my phone. When it said 'snow likely,' I re-entered my zip code, certain that I had accidentally clicked on the wrong link. Surely it's not going to snow in North Carolina. Today. Good thing I'm not responsible for the forecast....I would have gotten this one very wrong.

Then we had sweet Henry, who insisted that his chapped lips would be healed with a band-aid.

He wore it throughout dinner, throughout his cookie dessert, and throughout the countless episodes of Power Rangers Samurai that he insists on watching daily.

Then we had my Wilson, who often stuns us with his amazing memory and his interest in all things educational. After kissing him goodnight, he asked me with sincerity if there were really stick-people. Quite a curious question, one of my favorites so far.

Then we had the ruffle flower pin that I was wearing... that someone bought right off of my sweater. Really. Gotta give the people what they want. And if it's the flower from my shirt, then off it goes.

Never fear, we still have some pretty ordinary happenings to report.

The camera is still broken. There is no focus, no zoom, no recognizable photo produced by the blasted thing at all.

And the 6 year old girl who lives here still thinks that she is the star of iCarly, where acting sarcastic and sassy makes you a huge star. The parents that live here still thinks that it makes her a little difficult to manage.

And the house is still covered in scraps of fabric, because if it wasn't, there would be reason to think that it wasn't actually my house.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Local Loss

I lost one of my students this week.

God is so happy to have him.

But I will miss him.

If I had a single flower for every time I think about you,
I could walk forever in my garden.
Claudia Ghandi

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Non Advertising, But It's What's Going On

I have tried very hard not to use my blog for advertising. The last thing I want you friends to think is that I'm trying to make you buy something from me!


Of course, if you *like* classic campbell on facebook and show your support for my entrepreneurial adventures, then I will try to get you to buy things from me! Or at least update you on things that others have bought from me.


And even though I try to use these two avenues of social networking differently, I do believe I have erred on the side of caution...extreme caution.


Because I have been alltheway busy making bucket liners and ruffly flower pins and other custom projects, I have not had a lot of time to do many other creative things. All of my creative energy right now is flowing right into my "business." So, that means that there has been no creative flow into my blog.


But I decided just recently that since my purpose for the blog is to share about me and my life and my eating cooking and my creating and my kids, then it makes perfect sense for me to share some of these "business" creations with you too. I do not want to make you buy things from me (though I will not prevent it), but this has become a very satisfying and important part of my life, so I want to share it too!

I realized that there were a lot of things that I haven't shown you and they were pretty cool things.


Like the princess and the pea playset. These are some of the most fun things to make.


I love love love to combine fabrics and this project was the perfect outlet for that!


And in case you haven't noticed, I've been making these ruffly flower pins.


At this point, I am selling them just as fast as I am making them. Without any time to photograph and list them on etsy, even. There are rarely two that are alike, so my opportunities for fabric combining are endless!


And the banners are still popular on etsy and otherwise. I need a great camera to take photos of all of the different ones I've made. The photos I've taken really do not do them justice.


I love making these things for others. My spring fever makes me anxious to whip up some new clothes for Anna Jane...and my sweet sister-in-law is getting married very soon, and I have a lofty goal of making the dress I'm going to wear to the wedding. It's hard to fit all of these things in, but I'm looking forward to all upcoming projects, whether they come to fruition or not!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Baby's Birthday


so sweet


very observant


such a helper


growing up too fast


eager to try anything


brave. and strong.


a big helper


willing to do anything to make his siblings happy

I love love love my kids' birthdays. We all get so excited about celebrating and making the birthday boy or girl feel very special. I have been looking forward to Henry's birthday so much...until last night. When I realized that yesterday would unfortunately sadly horribly probably be the last time I'm ever the mother of a two year old. *Sob*

But thank goodness for the blog, where I can click on a blog post be transported back to so many days in my kids' lives...like this one, where Henry learns to rap:

Happy Birthday to my baby Henry!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

You Will Never Meet Another Like Me (and a recipe!)

Most of us around here are happy about last night's basketball game...The second meeting between Duke and Carolina this season, and though we lost the first game, the HEELS won last night's match up.

Facebook was alive with happy UNC fans before, during, and after the game since we led the entire time.

Now, if I had written this post 20 years ago, I would have been very disappointed in the outcome of the game.

If I had written this post 25 years ago, I would have loved that Carolina had won.

Confusing? The explanation is even more confusing if you are familiar with the Duke/Carolina rivalry.

I, Katherine Campbell, like both Duke and Carolina. I realize that several of you might have just thrown your laptops across the room and un-followed my blog. I do have a reasonable explanation for those of you who are still reading.

I grew up a tarheel fan. My parents are tarheel fans. My sister is a tarheel fan. I have fond memories of ACC tournaments in Charlotte, pom poms with carolina blue and white streamers, and a newborn sister who came home in a UNC onesie from the hospital.

Then came the rebellion. I was a really good kid. But all kids need to rebel in some way, and this was my outlet. I became a Duke fan.

It didn't break my parents hearts, thank goodness. They dealt with the rebellion in a very healthy way. They allowed my rebellion and even supported it, probably knowing that if they forbid it, they would lose me to the Blue Devils forever.

They took me to Duke basketball games, they bought me Duke t-shirts and Duke posters for my room. They even took me on one of my Dad's sales calls, where I had my first run-in with my heart-throb, my beloved Quin Snyder.

I continued to love Quin Duke throughout high school. But as I entered college, Carolina started to sneak back into my heart. And eventually I went back to my roots. But I did not lose all of my love for Duke. I love them both. But if they are playing each other, I love the HEELS more.

Honestly, I would rather see Carolina rip into State or Wake first. And there go the rest of my readers....

But in case of a not so super outcome to last night's game, I decided to make an alltheway super dinner. I have mentioned this dish before, when I shared my trip to Birmingham to visit my cousin Will.


The greatest thing about this dish is that you make your own pasta....you don't need anything fancy. However, it is a little time consuming, and the thought of making pasta from scratch is intimidating probably for the few readers still out there. So I have simplified the recipe for that reason. You can buy gnocchi in the pasta section of your local grocer. The shelf stable gnocchi is made from potato, and the recipe I have is ricotta-based. After you try the store bought version, let me know how much you love it and I will teach you to make the gnocchi by hand.

Gnocchi With Prosciutto*
2 packages store-bought gnocchi
1/2 cup butter
3 oz prosciutto, chopped
10 torn basil leaves
1/4 cup pine nuts
1 cup cream
1/2 cup shredded parmesan


Beat 1/2 cup cream until whipped, set aside. Do not substitute light cream, it will not whip. Trust me on this one. Set aside.

Melt butter in sauce pan, add pine nuts and cook until nuts brown a little. Add 1/2 cup cream to butter and pine nuts and bring to a light boil. Cook for one minute, then turn heat down to low. Add basil and prosciutto. Fold in whipped cream and parmesan.

Add gnocchi to boiling water. Once they float (just a few minutes), they are done. Remove with slotted spoon as they float to surface and add to sauce.

Serve immediately. If you eat this the next day for leftovers, the sauce will separate, so I do not recommend making the sauce in advance. You can make and shape the gnocchi ahead of time if you decide to make your own.

It really is a great recipe, especially good for entertaining. Not really traditional game grub, but like I said, if things had gotten bad last night we might have had to turn the tv off. So at least we would have had the meal to enjoy.

As I said in a text to Will last night, gnochhi for dinner. so even if we lose at bball we win at eating.