Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What a Long, Strange Day It's Been

There was a series of unusual events today that must be acknowledged.

We started today, March 29th (3 days before April) (a week into spring) (the first day of spring break), with snow. Every morning before I get out of bed, I check the weather on my phone. When it said 'snow likely,' I re-entered my zip code, certain that I had accidentally clicked on the wrong link. Surely it's not going to snow in North Carolina. Today. Good thing I'm not responsible for the forecast....I would have gotten this one very wrong.

Then we had sweet Henry, who insisted that his chapped lips would be healed with a band-aid.

He wore it throughout dinner, throughout his cookie dessert, and throughout the countless episodes of Power Rangers Samurai that he insists on watching daily.

Then we had my Wilson, who often stuns us with his amazing memory and his interest in all things educational. After kissing him goodnight, he asked me with sincerity if there were really stick-people. Quite a curious question, one of my favorites so far.

Then we had the ruffle flower pin that I was wearing... that someone bought right off of my sweater. Really. Gotta give the people what they want. And if it's the flower from my shirt, then off it goes.

Never fear, we still have some pretty ordinary happenings to report.

The camera is still broken. There is no focus, no zoom, no recognizable photo produced by the blasted thing at all.

And the 6 year old girl who lives here still thinks that she is the star of iCarly, where acting sarcastic and sassy makes you a huge star. The parents that live here still thinks that it makes her a little difficult to manage.

And the house is still covered in scraps of fabric, because if it wasn't, there would be reason to think that it wasn't actually my house.


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