Monday, May 23, 2011

Working Towards the Heisman

Wilson has been waiting 5 long years to be 5 years old. Five years old is the magic age to sign up to play football. It has been such a positive experience.


Contrary to the widespread belief that these photos will generate, Wilson rarely runs the ball.


In fact, every time he has run the ball, he has ******shhhhhhhhhhhhh******** dropped it.

Even on this run.

HOWEVER...after every play, the tough, tough running back/linebacker/quarterback/center turns to me with a thumbs up from the middle of the field. And after a successful run, which ends in a trip or a slip and a dropping of the ball, he turns to me with a thumbs up and a "did you see that mommy!?!"

And what makes me the happiest is that he is just as happy and satisfied on the sideline as he is on the field.






We are working towards the Heisman. We've got our intimidating game face down, no doubt.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something Old Meets Something New


This is the something old. It was the first thing I ever ordered from a catalog. Back when you actually ordered from catalogs....called the toll free number, told them what you wanted, waited for them to tell you whether or not they still had that size, or that color...paid with a credit card.


I ordered this frumpy gray sweatshirt from J Crew when I was in middle school. J Crew would never make anything so loose fitting or reasonably priced these days. I wore it all through high school, college, 9 years of marriage and shows its wear.


But really, for 20 years of being loved and tossed around and spilled on and washed and washed and washed, it's held up just fine.

And my NEW CAMERA just loves it! And I love it. And I love my new camera. It seemed to be a long time in I saved the money several times and just couldn't do it. Despite wanting it so badly, and for so long, it's a lot of money to spend on oneself. But everything seemed to be on hold without a camera: the blog, the etsy listings, documentation of birthday parties and holidays. So I have justified it. To myself at least :)

And I have learned a lot about myself as a 'writer.' I write about my photographs, rather than using my photographs to enhance my writing. I just didn't see any value in writing without accompanying photos.


So with all of that said, I expect this camera to solve all of the problems of the world. Except the fact that the world is scheduled to end this evening. That will be a bummer.