Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Garden on My Kitchen Table

I work here:


More specifically, I work here:


I seriously cannot believe that I get to look out of my window and see this garden all day long. We have a horticultural therapist that works crazy-hard and keeps the garden up. It is truly therapeutic for the students and the staff. The therapist feels very strongly that everyone should benefit from the garden. We grow vegetables and herbs and fruit and lots and lots of flowers.


There are 4 large raised beds so that the plants are accessible to everyone. If I had any sense I would take more time to cut flowers and have them fresh on my desk everyday. But I'm definitely not missing out on much with this view.

This week, Henry and I stopped by school and collected some flowers from the garden.



We brought them home to put in a big vase on the sewing table. Which is really supposed to be the kitchen table. But it's the best place for me to sew, so we don't do much kitchening there. More sewing. But my machine is at the machine spa, so it's back to being a kitchen table for a few days.

The plan was to stick them in a large vase, take a photo, and post on the blog. Then I got a little carried away.

My grandmother gave me this crate about 10 years ago. Clearly, it's awesome, but I really haven't had a good use for it.


This didn't all come to me at once, but after a few brainstorms, I decided to fill it with canning jars, and then fill them with the flowers from the garden.


I don't however, have many canning jars. I don't can, so whenever I do have them, I give them to friends that need them. I do have a couple of jelly jars.


And milk glass glasses.


And funny enough, the small jars on the left of the above photo is from Old English cheese spread. They are small and very plain and I keep sewing notions in the jelly jars, milk glass, and cheese spread jars. I know that cheese spread stuff sounds gross, but I will soon share with you a recipe that will convince you that it is the best preservative rich food you've ever had.

I wasn't sure of the best plan of attack, and the way I saw it, I had two options: Fill each jar with only one kind of flower, or fill each jar with a mixture of flowers. I decided on the latter.



I started just sticking them into cups, and cutting them to size. They really didn't look too hot, but I kept going.


I realized very early on that I needed a few more jars and many, many more flowers.



The overall effect is pretty close to what I wanted, and no matter what, it looks a little nicer than a clunky (though super awesome) sewing machine.


I kind of love it.


  1. I totally love it! you have such a great gift for making things beautiful.

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