Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Annual Back to School Photo

For the first time in history,

All kids,

In school!


And even though I tried so hard last year, this was also the first year that they all made it into the first day of school photo.

They all insisted on having their individual photos taken as well. Wilson was first:


I'm not sure what the power rangers pose is, but I love the puffy eyes of a kindergartener waking up too early on the first day of school.

Certainly Henry has a hero:


But I'm not sure if it's a power ranger or his big brother.

And Anna Jane was so ready for 2nd grade. All summer she kept asking how many weeks she had left before she could go back to school.


A few days before school started, she accompanied the boys to get their back to school haircuts and insisted that I let her get her 'vangs' cut, so she's got a cool new 'do.

We've survived the first week and a half, some preschool potty anxiety, riding buses in the morning and afternoon, and remembering to pack three lunch boxes and snacks, signing and returning forms, etc. Now when the homework starts next week, we might all explode.

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