About Us

We live in a Boxwood Jungle in North Carolina. Go Heels (says Mommy, Anna Jane, and Henry)!

Go Wahoos (says Daddy and Wilson)!

Stop Having Kids (says Lucy, Nana, and Granna)!

Please visit us often here. If there are no posts, it does not mean that we are not living super-exciting lives. It just means that Mommy might have drowned in the excitement and will return to the blog when she recovers.

Anna Jane is my favorite daughter. Her favorite color is pink, and her favorite toy is a Barbie. She has approximately 50 of said favorite toy. She is a sweet and sassy big sister who is patiently awaiting the growing-out of her silky blonde locks.

Wilson is 3 years old. He is a super-smart pre-schooler who cracks his teachers up on a daily basis. He loves Darth Vader, Batman, Spiderman, and any other superhero printed onto a pair of Underoos. He is a hoot and makes us laugh all day.

Sweet Henry is my baby. He spends his time with Nana and Granna while the rest of the fam fights their way to the end of a work or school day. He is a dream sleeper and his favorite word is uh-oh da da "papa."